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OCEAN INSPIRED WOODEN CHARCUTERIE BOARD with Resin Finish and Contoured Handle

OCEAN INSPIRED WOODEN CHARCUTERIE BOARD with Resin Finish and Contoured Handle

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Ocean-Inspired Wooden Charcuterie Board with Resin Finish and Contoured Handle

Impress your guests with this stunning ocean-inspired wooden charcuterie board. The contoured handle ensures easy transport from the kitchen to the table, while the multi-dimensional ocean scene is a unique, handmade design that will make your board one-of-a-kind.

Not only is your board visually striking, but it's also been sealed with Odie's Oil – a food-safe, solvent-free, non-toxic wood finish and stabilizer that bonds molecularly with the surface. This means there's no risk of peeling, flaking, delaminating, or chipping, ensuring that your board will last for years to come.

The Mas Epoxy table top pro resin provides a beautiful, glass-like finish that is scratch-resistant and built to withstand everyday wear and tear. While it's not indestructible, it will certainly hold up well over time.

For our hospitality friends, we understand that your food is already a conversation starter, and we want to help elevate your guests' experience by introducing unique, one-of-a-kind art to your table. This board is perfect for use in restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros, and catered events. Contact us for information about bulk orders.

Meet your artist: Hailey Tanner
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